Christine Greiner and Thany Sanches

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Professor and researcher Christine Greiner (PUC-SP) talks about “Artaud – Pensamento e Corpo,” a book by the Japanese philosopher Kuniichi Uno that she helped to translate (n-1 editions, 2022). Starting from a short lecture in the training space, she drifts the audience through the “thea²trumcorpusmundi” construction site. In the vortex of space, on a banner, spread there, the performer, painter, and visual artist Thany Sanches draws bodies and thoughts in a whole drift. Records, amplification. With Christine Greiner and Thany Sanches.

Christine Greiner (São Paulo) is a full professor at PUC-SP. She teaches in the Graduate Studies Program in Communication and Semiotics, where she coordinates the Center for Oriental Studies; and in the Communication of the Arts of the Body course. She was a visiting professor and researcher at universities in Japan, the United States, and France, with support from the Japan Foundation, the Nichibunken Center, and Capes/Fullbright, among others. She is the author of several books and articles published in Brazil and abroad on contemporary art, body studies, and Japanese culture.

Thany Sanches (São Paulo), a Ph.D. student in Communication and Semiotics at PUC-SP, paints pornography seeking to deepen her relationship with the female body; and understanding its ambiguity as a form of control and normalization of the body, but which seems to activate experiences of intimacy and production of subjectivity.